Augmented Reality Designer Diary – Lenovo ThinkReality AR Glasses

Lenovo ThinkReality AR Glasses

Lenovo ThinkReality AR Glasses

HOLLYWOOD, CA (GoshRobin) 2022-6-23 – I’ve been fortunate to be hired to innovate at many companies. Here’s a project I did with Lenovo…

Lenovo ThinkReality Augmented Reality Glasses

As ThinkReality Product Strategist, I authored the product roadmap (a PowerPoint deck) and built software prototypes for Lenovo’s A6 ARM Snapdragon AR glasses. The A6 uses a Unity 3D platform as the OS. I designed speech recognition, computer vision, and the cloud data API. I designed applications in warehouse management and for guided and remote-assisted repair of laptops made by Lenovo and of phones made by Motorola (Ia division of Lenovo). Lenovo is the #1 PC-maker in the world and is the manufacturer of Oculus. The Lenovo ThinkReality A6 has similar features to Microsoft HoloLens.

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