Augmented Reality, New Capabilities

Lenovo ThinkReality A6 Glasses

Lenovo ThinkReality A6 Glasses

HOLLYWOOD, CA (GoshRobin) 2022/7/14 – Here’s a video that may stimulate our Augmented Reality project ideas, the trailer for Lenovo ThinkReality AR glasses.

The AR glasses featured are my product from 2019, the Lenovo model A6. At that time I was the Lenovo Product Strategist for AR. (The Mirage VR goggles shown briefly in the video are not from my team.)

Watching the Lenovo trailer, let’s breakdown some interesting new capabilities Augmented Reality offers…

AR, New Capabilities

1. AR Guided Assistance in a NOC (Network Operations Center), as a technician checks and verifies server racks.

2. AR Collaborative Engineering, so AR users together in a conference room or remotely can view and manipulate the same 3D model (a building in this case)

3. AR Interactive Training, which the video shows as VR not AR, the benefit of VR being able to train with the same pre-recorded negotiation session instead of with actors in a live AR experience (which would use Remote Assistance to collaborate with the trainer)

4. AR Smart Locator in a warehouse environment with SLAM AI pinpointing items to ship to customers or to locate the nearest fire extinguisher

5. AR Remote Assistance in an automotive repair environment, remote-controlled Madden buffer for expert to direct AR user to component to service

6. AR X-Ray Vision (not shown in video) for an aircraft technician to trace the wiring of a large airliner using SLAM and displaying in AR the wire as though the bulkhead or panel cover is transparent. To quickly trace to the other end of a wire or fibre optic cable so we can disconnect it to attach a continuity tester, for example. This is instead of looking at the maintenance manual diagram of the wiring harness routing. With a signal tracer attached to one end of the line, we may also show not only where a wire is supposed to be but where it actually goes, that it may have been installed incorrectly.

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