FarSight Reader

Free open source Windows desktop screen reader for the vision impaired or low vision readers, and anyone who is squinting to read some on-screen content that is just too dang small. Works like a physical magnifying glass.

The clip below shows Farsight running on top of Visual Studio. Works with any Windows app, whatever is on the desktop.



Whatever is under the Farsight viewport window is magnified. Farsight viewport size and magnification factor adjustable by the user.

FarSight is a modern, bug-fixed, Win64 fork of the legacy Win32 open source Zoom+ magnifier originally developed by Gipsysoft. We have a roadmap to integrate Text-to-Speech (TTS), so that Farsight can magnify or speak the contents in the magnifier. And, to color convert to assist the different types of colorblind users.