Internet Web 3.0 Evolving Beyond the Metaverse

AR/VR, Gaming, Graphics, Gesture, IoT, Drones

HOLLYWOOD, CA (GoshRobin) 2022/8/1 – As the Internet World Wide Web evolves, some things remain the same.

Web Evolution

Web Evolution Chart

AR/VR Improving

Lenovo ThinkReality AR

Lenovo ThinkReality AR

The difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is like the difference between peeking through a periscope and seeing a desert mirage. With the periscope, we lose situational awareness, cannot see the people around us or the control room. With the desert mirage we’re viewing something reality and superimpose non-reality at the same time, maintaining situational awareness.  Without situational awareness, we run the risk of running into objects in the room we’re in, or even a submarine collision with an underwater mountain.

While VR goggles are essentially an iPhone strapped to your face, AR goggles are essentially sunglasses with tiny projectors shining images onto the back of your lenses.

I was the Lenovo product technology strategist for their Unity-based ThinkReality AR glasses. Microsoft has signaled they may abandon development of HoloLens, the product ThinkReality seeks to compete with at a lower price point. Meta and Apple and others have AR glasses in development. Magic Leap is releasing ML-2, their second generation AR glasses with a completely new OS and double the FOV (Field of View).

AR/VR Gaming

WHO MCARE 3D Hospital Simulation

WHO MCARE 3D Hospital Simulation

At the UN World Health Organization, I was XR Games Producer and Augmented Reality Group Manager for MCARE, a 3D hospital simulation designed to enable doctor-instructors to telepresence to any hospital in the world to train local doctors in their own hospital to handle black swan mass casualty disaster events. This may be the first game to support players wearing either AR or VR glasses.

Web 3.0 Growth Trends

  • Search continues to dominate, Google owns this market
  • Streaming got big, YouTube, Disney+, and Amazon Prime blunt seemingly unstoppable Netflix
  • Social networks evolving as Facebook demographic ages out, yielding market to younger TikTok
  • Gaming continues to improve graphics, driven by Moore’s Law
  • News poised for transformation as AI NLP automates reporting, already happening in sports articles, potential fake news antidote
  • China economy ($20 trillion) approaching size of USA ($25 trillion) and Chinese tech competing and even leading in some categories

About Robin Rowe

Robin Rowe

I’m Robin Rowe. People call me Robin or Rob.

As chief technologist at multi-billion dollar systems integrator SAIC, I was the founding director of their AI research lab and an enterprise manager with P&L responsibility for commercial and defense divisions. I constructed the Chicago NBC-TV studios, advanced national critical infrastructure by adding Smart Cities capability to the U.S. traffic control system, created real-time AI for DoD national defense crisis management, and developed the real-time motion-capture animation system used to create digital stunt doubles in superhero films such as Disney Marvel Spider-Man. From 2021 until recently, as UN WHO Augmented Reality Group Manager and XR Games Producer, I developed a medical metaverse, an AR/VR hospital simulation to train doctors worldwide to save lives.

I led the team that won the Novartis Biome innovation prize in 2019, using AI computer vision to analyze skin disease. I’ve taught C++ as a Computer Science professor at the Naval Postgraduate School and the University of Washington. Former DARPA PI for AI and digital video. Former navy research scientist for VR war gaming and vision research. I’ve chaired innovation committees at ANSI/ISO and The CFO Alliance. I’ve developed financial software for Fortune 500 companies and large NGOs. I’m a thesis advisor to graduate and doctoral students in metaverse R&D.

I founded my first start-up, a car company, when I was 16. My family is in real estate and agriculture, owns the largest organic farm in Illinois. Not wishing to run the family business, I went another way. I have 30 years experience in product design and financial systems. And, with trading stocks and now crypto on my own account, I’ve made high ROI year over year.