Real-time Animation of Cartoons and Visual Effects

Actors performing live on black box sound stage rendered as 3D game characters

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2023/2/11 – Put actors in mo-cap dot suits, stand them in T-pose with arms out to visually lock them to 3D characters in an Unreal Engine game, and then the producers and director watch the monitor seeing the game characters perform whatever the actors are doing live on stage. Resulting video recorded for a scene in a major motion picture or for an episode of a hit cartoon series.

Disney Marvel used the mo-cap system I created. Used for producing fight scenes in superhero films, animating photo-realistic digital stunt doubles:

Mattel used the same software to animate the hit Barbie Vlogger cartoon series:

Animation live by computer software.

About Robin Rowe

Robin Rowe

Robin Rowe, has designed and programmed Hollywood mo-cap software, is a Hollywood creative technologist, engineering director, product designer, AI research lab director, and C++ software architect. Robin has developed consumer, enterprise and safety-critical products including Lenovo ThinkReality Augmented Reality glasses, AT&T DIRECTV Genie satellite set-top box, Econolite Cobalt Linux embedded system DOT traffic controller and Apple Appstore and Google Playstore mobile games.