Robots in the Metaverse, O3DE Panel April 13th

Linux Foundation panel of robotics and metaverse visionaries discuss the future of O3DE

O3DE Robotics Panel

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (GoshRobin) 2023/3/22 – SAVE THE DATE! I’m part of the Linux Foundation and O3DF Foundation robotics panel discussion on Thursday, April 13th, 2023 at 8am pt on Zoom. Building synergy between the metaverse and robotics industries with O3DE.

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O3DE Robotics Panelists

Topics  for Discussion

  • The evolution and latest challenges of robotic development
  • The limitations of traditional and commercial simulation tools
  • The rise of open source technologies, like Open 3D Engine (O3DE), in the robotics industry
  • The new integrations between O3DE and the popular Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • The future of robotic innovation and how to get involved

Robots in the Metaverse Applications

  • Hollywood automated mo-cap animation, producing visual effects for major motion pictures and animating a hit cartoon series
  • SLAM autonomous mapping robots, from living room vacuum sweepers, to undersea discovery, to surveying the surface of Mars
  • Long range commercial UAV drones, inspecting railways, bridges, power lines
  • Precision farming, management of flying drones in U.S. using GIS
  • MCARE 3D hospital simulation, using the metaverse to train and certify doctors
  • AR glasses, relying upon computer vision and speech recognition
  • Automatic video editing to make movie memories, not spend time logging raw footage
  • U.S. national critical infrastructure ground transportation system Smart Cities integration, AI traffic shaping to never encounter a red light again
  • U.S. national critical infrastructure air transportation system, a VIP travel experience for everyone, with robotic bag handling
  • Fashion retailing, from the virtual fitting room to robotic tailors
  • Theme parks and casino gaming
  • Extending GPT Natural Language Processing
  • Generative AI for Hollywood

About Robin Rowe

Robin Rowe

Robin Rowe, has developed metaverse and robotics technology, is a Hollywood creative technologist, engineering director, product designer, AI research lab director, and C++ software architect. Project manager for CinePaint, open source HDR graphics software used in making the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films. Developed Unreal Engine animation system at Hollywood’s largest motion-capture sound stage. Design strategist for Lenovo ThinkReality AR glasses.