Unity 3D Virtual Dressing Room

A store-based smart mirror kiosk virtual fitting room

HOLLYWOOD, CA (goshrobin) 2022/07/25 – Let’s consider design process for a Unity 3D dressing room application.

Virtual Fitting Room with RealSense

Here’s a tutorial for setting up a virtual fitting room:

However, it uses Unity Realtime Tracking with an Intel Realsense (Z-depth) camera, hardware that we may not have available ($300).

Hand-tracking with iPhone LIDAR

Let’s consider this Unity hand tracking example using ARFoundation with LIDAR:


For LIDAR it uses an iPhone 12+, hardware we may not have available in a store kiosk. Apple LIDAR is also in the 2020 iPad Pro.

Unity Stick Figure Mo-cap with MediaPipe

A marionette-like mo-cap capture to track poses as a stick figure:

Mediapipe pose tracking

Mediapipe pose tracking

Can we make our virtual dressing room work if we access the camera from Unity, or maybe we could use MediaPipe instead to save a snapshot of what the webcam sees? We have access to the x-y-z coordinates for the hand landmarks.

Marionette Joints

Marionette joints

Currently only using one point to represent the hand (ie, points 15 and 16 in this diagram above). But we can extend it to get the full hand landmark data (ie: 15, 17, 21, 19 / 15, 18, 20, 22) from MediaPipe?

Tracking hands with MediaPipe:


3D Gesture UI/UX

In a store kiosk there will be no keyboard or mouse. And controlling it using speech recognition could be distracting to others in a store, so pass on SR. How about gesture? We’re tracking body position already…

Gesture UI

Gesture UI

When a store customer is standing in front of kiosk and being tracked, raising a hand will activate menu, with just a few buttons as choices. Poking virtual button selects.

In-Store Kiosk Design

Form factor something like a Lululemon Mirror, but really just a 4k monitor mounted sideways with a small form factor computer, such as a Mac Mini, and a webcam. For development, uses an ordinary laptop.

Intro to Unity C# Programming

Ready to try to learn Unity? Use git clone to download one of the Unity sample projects from GitHub.

Note there is no Unity Project File. There is merely a folder, with the Assets and other folders inside. Open Unity, click “open project” and click on the folder that your project is in.

Unity Hello World project:


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